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Control dust for months even years with only one application.
Control dust using NO water.
Control dust PM10 – PM2.5.
Control dust all year round.
Control dust no matter the weather conditions 
and soil type.
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Claim Your FREE, No-Obligation Technical Consultation
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Who Has Approached Us?
This is a small fraction of companies who have approached us to provide cutting-edge solutions for their dust control needs. 
FREE, No–Obligation Technical Consultation (Worth $999)
In your FREE, No-Obligation Technical Consultation we will take a deep dive into the problems you´re having in your dust control project and come up with a solution that meets your specific needs. The more we know about your problems and challenges, the more we will be able to help you.

You´ll get expert advice on how you can identify your most critical dust generation points and eliminate them, how to stay compliant with environmental regulations, how to control dust for months even years no matter the weather conditions and traffic volume, and how to decrease your haulage roads operational costs.

Benefits You Get When You Use Our Products:
You will decrease your haulage roads operational costs by more than 40%.
No constant applications.
You will improve productivity (+60%) and provide your workers a safe environment to work in.
Reduction in truck accidents.
You will increase your trucks tire life.
You can resume traffic immediately after application. No curing for immediate results (econTDS   ).
You will avoid costly fines by environmental regulators.
Cut your water consumption by more than 90%.
Bear in mind there is NO OBLIGATION for you to take up any of our products or services.
Our Eco-Friendly Products: 
Copolymer Soil Stabiliser 
/ Dust Suppressant 
Synthetic Dust Suppressant
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Copolymer Dust Suppressant
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Veronica Nanco 
William Soid
High quality products!!
Happy with the results
Quality Service!
Eco-Soil Group couldn’t have done it better. The engineering team really helped us in determining the best fit for our dust control problem. The product, after several months of being applied, remains effective as they said it would.
Save money and Time! 
From day one through the completion of our project, I’ve been impressed with the team performance, swift communication, and quality of your products.
Highly recommended!
Impressed with the team!!
Where You Can Control Dust With Our Products:
Unpaved roads
Haul roads 
(mining, construction)
Underground mining
Tailing dams (TSF)
 Construction sites
Parking lots
Who Are We?
We are a Global Innovative Engineering Technology Company that offers the most efficient and state-of –the-art solutions in soil stabilization, dust and erosion control, and road construction via 100% ecological products.

All of our products are specifically manufactured by the highest standard of quality to guarantee long-lasting results and to reduce the negative impact that conventional soil stabilization, dust suppression, and road construction methods have on the environment, amongst other benefits.

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